Healing Arts

discover your soul dance, live from the heart, be the dream you've dared not become

We are all on a journey of becoming. As we walk toward who we believe we can be, we encounter lessons which teach us who we are.

Eventually, we come to see that ‘becoming’ is a dance of disrobing

                                              … and as the layers fall off you’ll begin to realise that the vision of your future self was within you all along.


You are the master of your own journey. Are you ready to unlock your potential and experience another you? 



Relax & rejuvenate your body, spirit & mind

Sound Healing

Experience clarity, emotional balance & creative inspiration.

Theta Healing

Reprogram your mind & overcome your limits 


Understand the cycles that inspire growth & change

Soul Dance

Create inner harmony, bliss & balance

“Dorothea is dedicated to her craft and has a wealth of experience and teachings to draw upon. Her energy is so high that I felt better as soon as she walked into the room. She was so in tune with what I needed that I came out of the session feeling lighter than I had in a long time!”

Angela Mulligan, Life Coach, New York, NY.

I’m a musician, intuitive healing artist, poet and eternal student of ancient wisdom and modern science. 

As I traveled along my own healing journey, thirsting for knowledge and understanding, enlightenment and self awareness, I became that which I was seeking. 

I wish to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I have acquired with others, like you, so you may awaken to your own soul dance and walk along your transformational journey with more grace, love, and self compassion then I could on my solo journey. 

I’m here to offer support, guidance and hold sacred space as you align with your truth and embrace your dreams.

Dreaming Moondance is home  to my sound vibrations & musical creations. In this space you’ll find guided sound experiences, meditations, event updates & virtual sound baths. 

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Currently based in:

Melbourne, Australia


Seeing clients virtually in: 

Melbourne, NYC, LA and beyond